What I’m doing now

"This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too." - Derek Sivers.
Alongside my professional endeavors there are a few things I am personally working on in the programming world and outside of it.

Updated July, 2024 from London.


I am currently collaborating with an exceptional mentor from First Ruby Friend, created by Andy Croll, on a specialized API-only Rails application focused on books. Each week, he provides me with intellectually stimulating assignments designed to advance my professional development. My objective is to attain the role of a Senior Developer within the next five years.


First Ruby Friend


I'm diving deeper into back-end skills by applying a design pattern for The OA version 2.0, renamed 'Hashtag Activism', from Dive Into Design Patterns by Alexander Shvets. The core of the app is a to-do list but long-term goals are to use Artificial Intelligence to respond to current events with actionable resources in real time. Turn hashtags into actions, retweets into revolution.

Hashtag Activism App

Hashtag Activism App

Passion project


I attended the Rails World 2023 Conference. A two-day, dual-track community conference that showcases technical discussions, live demonstrations, interactive workshops, and keynote presentations. I was eager to meet new faces in the Rails community (as one myself) and felt delighted to connect. Out of that conference, I met a group of women and we've been collaborating on an open source project together ever since!

Rails World 2023

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